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Accidentally Squirrelly Release Date April 15th 2015

2015-04-02 12:03:13 by nite2727

4631991_142799041132_Screenshot_2015-04-02-11-57-21.pngnew 2015 cartoon on the way.. My second release of this year. This may be the last cartoon created from the Nintendo 3DS.  Release Date April 15th 2015


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2015-04-02 12:18:47

Neat! I haven't seen many people animate using 3DS software (excluding Flipnote Studio 3D).

nite2727 responds:

it is neat!
flipnote studio was something i looked at but havent tried seriously

i used a stop motion animation on the 3ds
i did frame by frame animation and it came out pretty good.

my other 3ds animation is on my page called Gifted. action packed carton

i hope everyone likes this short animation!