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Think Twice Coming soon!

2015-04-18 17:59:59 by nite2727

4631991_142939436981_thinktwice2frame1newbackground.jpgaiming for a May release. Im almost done. After this Gifted 2 will be started! 

Created on the Nintendo 3ds. This could be my last animation on 3ds. This cartoon was created out of the pure urge to animate. I needed to get this out. 

Coming soon 



4631991_142799041132_Screenshot_2015-04-02-11-57-21.pngnew 2015 cartoon on the way.. My second release of this year. This may be the last cartoon created from the Nintendo 3DS.  Release Date April 15th 2015


2014-11-21 18:47:35 by nite2727

Brand new Cartoon!

Its called Jealousy!

Its about two friends risking a friendship chasing after the blond haired girl name Rebecca. 


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A Cry For Help

2013-08-16 09:55:52 by nite2727
A Cry For Help

My first major animation, created on the very limited animation program called toon boom all star. This took months to make, please show some love and let me know what you think! My animations are created to make ya smile!

Im nite2727 and thanks for watching!

A Cry For Help